Oktober 17, 2023

OXLEY SAILS Performance Tests at Balearic Islands

Supported by ideal weather, we had the opportunity to test the performance of the Oxley sails Levante and Bora together with Ralf Grösel, the developer and designer. For this purpose we had a catamaran (Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42) and a sailing yacht (Dufour 390) at our disposal. Levante and Bora were sailed in light winds from 4kn up to gusts of 25kn.

In a direct comparison between the yachts, both sails were able to demonstrate their performance and stability on different courses and weather conditions. The performance on both the Dufour and the Fountaine Pajot was more than impressive. Ralf Gösel got the most out of his sails, bringing the Bora up to 50° to the wind without losing stability.

The name of the Astrea 42 became the program: ENJOY

There is hardly a better way to describe the experience of sailing a Levante or Bora.

Our conclusion: Incredibly impressive, absolutely versatile, easy to use and always stable. The Oxleys have once again proven their quality as an all-rounder with impressive sail area.

OXLEY SAILS = sailing fun with no limits

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