The old town of Šibenik is located just 3 km from Marina Mandalina and can be easily reached by taxi by land or by sea. With the Šibenik Cathedral and the Fortress of St. Nicholas on the Svetog Ante canal, the city is home to two of the ten UNESCO World Heritage sites in Croatia. First mentioned in 1066 and long time under Venetian rule, the city looks back on a very eventful history, not least due to the war in the mid-90s.
Numerous restaurants and cafes invite you to linger along the promenade. The narrow streets of the old town provide pleasant coolness even on hot summer days.

Krka national park

Just 20 minutes away by car, just behind Šibenik, is the Krka National Park with its breathtaking waterfalls. If you are ever in the area, you should not miss it. A lovingly laid out tour leads one for miles through the green nature of Croatia and allows insights into a paradisiacal river landscape. In total, the river pours over seven waterfalls, dozens of reservoirs and rapids. 

All details about the national park, as well as ticket prices can be found here www.np-krka.hr


There is much to discover in the region around Šibenik. One of them is the small village of Jadrija, situated on an artificial peninsula on the Svetog Ante canal. It is a popular seaside resort, especially among the locals. The colorful doors of Jadrija are among the most popular photo motifs in Šibenik. From Jadrija you have a beautiful view of Fortress St. Nicholas and the canal with the in and out coming boats.

Between Šibenik and Trogir

The coastal road towards Split is worth a day trip. It leads for about 60 km from Šibenik via Primosten to Trogir along bays with crystal clear water. Small villages and marinas are on the way. You will reach Primosten in about 30 minutes, the long beach invites you for a swim stop, afterwards you can enjoy the view of the sea in one of the numerous restaurants while having a lunch snack. If you turn right on the way at Marina, you will come to Vinišće, a small village with still active fishing fleet, located in a very sheltered bay. Continue on the coastal road to Trogir, where a walk through the narrow historical streets is definitely worthwhile. The preserved old town is known for its mixture of Renaissance, Baroque and Romanesque buildings. On the way back to Šibenik, you should stop in Žaborić to experience an unforgettable sunset at the beach bar Shark and end the evening with a delicious meal or cocktail.

The Hinterland

If you make your way into the hinterland, there are many other highlights to discover. A visit to Etnoland brings you a little closer to the culture of Dalmatia. An audio tour will give you interesting insights into Dalmatian traditions and history. The lovingly designed Etnoland is a family-run business and a visit to the restaurant gives you a culinary experience of the traditional Dalmatian cuisine. More information is available here www.etnoland.com

Murter + Tisno

The Murter peninsula can be reached by taking the road towards Vodice. On the way there, a somewhat bumpy road leads to the cult restaurant La Spuz. La Spuz offers simple food in a rustic ambience, with funny details. In season, it is advisable not to arrive hungry, as the preparation of meals can sometimes take a little longer. The house liquor put on the table right at the beginning, helps to pass the time, but can also have side effects.  Once you’ve been here, you’ll be able to talk about it for even longer.

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