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The MARE Yachtinvest model

You have the desire for your own yacht, which corresponds exactly to your ideas?

You would like to combine an investment with something positive and the unique experiences of yachting vacations?

You would like to own a motor yacht without the maintenance costs running away from you?

You would like to invest your capital safely and earn a good return with a sailing catamaran?

When you come to your own yacht, you are warmly welcomed and want everything prepared.

These are only a few reasons that speak for Yacht invest at MARE Yachting.

As a personally managed base for over ten years in one of the most beautiful sailing areas of Croatia, we offer you individual and reliable programs for yacht charter investment.

This starts with an analysis of your ideas and the development of concrete proposals for your personal investment model. Depending on your individual orientation, for example, more emphasis is placed on maximum return or maximum personal use.

Should you then decide on a model with MARE Yachting, we will go the way to the first sailing of your yacht together with you.


You can reach us at any time via the contact form.

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Full Range Consulting Services

So that you find a yacht according to your wishes we stand by you from the beginning. Our team knows what is important, knows the strengths and weaknesses of each type of yacht and supports you in the detailed configuration of your yacht.

Professional, technically experienced team

For ideal value retention and the highest possible return on charter operations, the focus is on maintenance and care. Over the summer, each yacht is regularly checked and serviced. In winter, the "big" service is due.


To make you happy, you will find complete transparency at MARE Yachting. We completely return the trust you have placed in us.

An overview

From the idea to the investment property


If a new yacht is the right decision for you, we will assist you in selecting the appropriate yacht type and detailed configuration of the equipment. In doing so, we incorporate our yacht charter experience and give you honest recommendations on various equipment options. Some extras, such as solar panels, we can retrofit at the base at favorable conditions, so that the cost of the yacht can be optimized. For the finally configured yacht we provide you with yield calculations in the charter model, which take into account the purchase price, the utilization in the charter market and the owner weeks. Regarding the desired owner weeks there are hardly any restrictions with us. Through our dealer network we offer you your yacht at attractive conditions and take care of the entire purchase process. If you rather decide for a used yacht, we help you to find the suitable model and support you in the whole process of the purchase including a qualified appraisal, the drafting of the contract and the purchase transaction. Ideally, we can offer you a yacht from our fleet.


For new and used yachts we organize the transfer from the shipyard or the seller to our base and take care of all necessary documents for import and registration. We take care of the registration as well as the procurement of all other necessary documents such as insurance and radio license. Arrived at the base, the yacht will be equipped or completed for charter operation. Depending on your needs, additional installations such as solar panels, inverters, watermakers, generators, air conditioners, cockpit panels, etc. can be competently and inexpensively installed at our base.


The marketing of the yacht is mainly done by our partner Pitter Yachtcharter as well as by our network. Our base is characterized by a high percentage of repeat bookers, so that a good utilization can be guaranteed. Depending on the type of yacht and investment model, we aim for 15-24 weeks of charter use. The income from the charter flows to you regularly and is available to cover costs and possible liabilities. All damages during the charter, which go beyond normal wear and tear, are covered by deposits and insurances. Your economic risk is thus reduced to a minimum. Even engine breakage can be insured and charter loss in case of damage is reimbursed up to 6 weeks. After the charter season, all yachts receive intensive maintenance and a complete service, which is usually more extensive than for privately used yachts. This is a very crucial factor in maintaining the value of your investment and means that our charter yachts are generally not inferior to the quality of privately used yachts.


Every return calculation in a charter model stands and falls with the value retention of the yacht. Finding a balance between maximum utilization, ongoing investments to maintain value and the best possible resale value is therefore crucial for a well-functioning charter model. Depending on yacht type, equipment and owner weeks, yields of up to 12% are possible in our charter model. We ensure the value retention by constant care and technical maintenance during the charter season and by the very extensive winter service. Our experienced, experienced and highly motivated team plays a decisive role in this. As an owner you become part of the Mare Yachting family and will feel the warmth and commitment of each individual. We deal with costs in a transparent way, you will be informed about all major repairs in the best possible way. If you decide to sell your yacht, we will not leave you alone. We offer your yacht in our network and could so far all used yachts within a short time further mediate. Due to the good condition of the yacht and an optimal marketing strategy, we have been able to achieve consistently good resale prices. The average loss in value of the yachts sold at Mare Yachting was 2.3% / year in the past years with currently decreasing tendency.


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