Have you ever been thinking about investing in your own yacht?

Unforgettable vacation times and a return on your capital can be combined wonderfully.

The MARE Yachting Investment Program together with the base in Šibenik offers the ideal basis for this. We have the focus on the sustainable operation of the yachts and you decide how many weeks a year you want to use your yacht by yourself. At MARE Yachting partnership and fair cooperation builds the base for your investment and we attach great importance to a friendly relationship with our owners.

MARE Yachting accompanies and advises you on the entire way of the investment. It begins with the configuration of the yacht according to your wishes, we give assistance which options let expect the maximum return of investment and negotiate with the shipyard for the best conditions. If you wish, we can find partners who can help you with the financing or advise you on tax issues. MARE Yachting takes care of all registrations and transfers the yacht from the shipyard to the base in D-Marin Mandalina/ Šibenik.

You become a part of the MARE Yachting family and when you arrive for your vacation, your yacht is ready and waiting at the dock, just as you wish, the most beautiful time of the year can start immediately.

MARE Yachting guarantees a very high standard of maintenance for all yachts and thus maximum protection of the capital investment. The charter program can be designed for periods of 3-10 years, according to your personal needs and wishes. In the end we take care of the best possible sale of your yacht and you benefit from our expertise and network.

The annual income depends on the yacht type, the equipment and the number of self-used weeks per year. MARE Yachting is open to many variations, so the charter investment model can be customized to your needs.

Depending on the Yacht type and configuration our charter model allows for annual return of investment up to 10%. The loss of value of all yachts which went trough our model was in average 2.3% per year. This number is mainly driven by our high level maintenance program and an optimized reselling strategy through our network.

Stay tuned!

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