Lagoon 42
12.92 m
Sailing Area
90 m²
55 m2
35 m2
12,10 t
2×45 PS

Lagoon 42

The Lagoon 42 is the ideal catamaran for sailors who do not have to choose between comfort and sailing performance. Thanks to her vertical sterns and aft-mounted mast with self-tacking jib, handling is easier and the living space is larger and more comfortable. With over 800 units delivered and impressive sailing performance, she has proven herself to owners and the trade press, winning multiple awards including the 2016 Asia Boating Award, 2016 Sailing Today Award, 2017 Best Sailboats Winner and 2017 Cruising World Boat of the Year.

Technical Data

Length: 12,80 m
Width: 7,70 m
Draft: 1,25 m
Displacement: 12,1t
Fuel (optional): 300l (600l)
Water (optional): 300l (600l)
Engine (optional): 2x45HP (2x57HP)